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ATOS Dr didnt acknowledge my probs in the report either.lied in other words no DLA for me #ProjV

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  1. Katie says:

    Hi guys. I’m chica1988.the story behind this is I find myself housebound with partial lumbarization of my spine which leaves me with severe chronic pain everyday and fibromyalgia.ATOS DR came to do the at home assessment.was a good day pain wise,by that I mean I walked down the stairs once that day with the help of my partner and that put me back in my weak shakey state unable to do anything else all day.the ‘DR’ see’s this,asks me to do the physical stuff.obviously I couldn’t do jack let alone touch my toes or squat as requested.my partner had to show him the makeshift bedroom we have set up downstairs because often the pain is so severe walking is not an option let alone climbing stairs and he seems sympathetic enough throughout.a week later I get a letter from dwp saying I need no help in any aspect of care.I enquire over the phone as to whether this was a mistake or joke and the guy on the other end of the phone tells me I’ve been disallowed due to the medical report they received.

    Again,I am unable to and signed off from working AT ALL because of…oh, what’s the word…oh that’s it, ‘DISABILITY’ and I do not qualify for DISABILITY living allowance?!
    Its bad enough I can’t even claim ESA because my partner earns a massive £102 a week which is the Max allowance to live on as a couple by law apparently.

    I just don’t understand the world we live in anymore.I went to united with a career laid out before me and apparently to these DWP people I would rather live off of benefits as the preferred alternative. But if I were a knocked up teen instead I’d be given everything;house,money the lot.

    They call fibromyalgia the invisible disease.it seems this is my problem as unless ur dissability is abundantly clear physically then you are on your own. I’m reminded of a comedy sketch I saw once. A man and his wife driving around a full car park and they see a car pull into a disability space.they pause to make sure the person exiting the car appears to be disabled. At this point the man enquires with his wife what is it they expect to see when the occupant of the car emerges. The scene cuts to a shot of the car door opening and the occupant falling out flat on his face and dragging himself along by his arms.at this point the man exclaims ‘thoroughly deserved’ and drives off.
    I think that’s what society expect to see when people are referred to as having a disability.

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